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ND signals are complex setups that have been scouted, risk managed and tested by an experienced team of market experts,
these signals are designed to give you fast profits with little to no risk involved.Signals are manually reviewed by professional analysts to ensure the highest accuracy, signals are safe, profitable and easy to follow.
Our team of researchers, analysts and advisers will always make sure to get you the best information and updates you need about markets. We have a great track record for providing accurate information about stocks, bonds and cryptocurrencies, which are very useful for your investment decisions.This includes many cryptocurrency gems that could result in 100x return.
You don’t have to be on your computer or know how to trade; our expert team will do it for you
All you need to do is follow our simple step-by-step instructions and click one button – then sit back as we execute trades automatically in your favor.
(Clicking the “One Click Follow” will automatically open trade on your exchange with the all targets, stops).
ND Signals & Trades
Why Choose us?

ND Signals & Trades is one of the biggest trading communities with over 85.000 followers, with the good track record and accuracy over 90%. Known for the quality, accuracy, risk management and very affordable services. Dino N [Founder] is also very known in the crypto world as the Crypto Whale & Institusional Trader that helps his members all the time and provides them the best information and safest trades! He’s known for predicting all crashes in the previous two years and calling exact bottoms. Currently providing 6 VIP channels for price of one with the sale of 70% OFF!

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We are your eyes and ears all over the markets, providing you with the most accurate signals and tools needed to become profitable in trading
What is ND VIP Subscription?
ND VIP Subscription is premium subscription that unlocks you six VIP Channels and it’s limited to 1000 members. Built of the highest quality with the goal of making each member educated and profitable, providing them the best information they need.

ND Automated Signals

ND Automated Signals are complex setups that have been scouted, risk managed and tested by an experienced team of market experts,
these signals are designed to give you fast profits with little to no risk involved.

ND Crypto Gems

ND Crypto Gems provides you the best researched information about the high potential projects which got a big chance of giving you 10x-100x return in the short-long term period.

ND Reports

ND Reports combines fundamental and technical analysis to provide high levels of accuracy in market calls.
Here you’ll find investment opportunities and get updates on the latest events affecting the markets.


ND VIP Chat is the one-stop for all of your trading needs. Get unbiased trading advise from our experienced and professional traders, who have years of experience in the fields of stock trading, forex trading and crypto trading.

ND Alerts & News

Get the latest news about markets, finance and everything that effects your trading. Know what is happening in the markets at that time and make decisions based on first hand information.

Dino’s VIP Channel

You get to see and hear the latest trading strategies and insights from Dino himself, while also getting premium analyses, Dino’s statements, and views in one convenient place.
ND VIP Subscription
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In the last couple of months we have been trying to move in a focus on community and its growth. We are looking for for expanding our team and help bring together more people who wants to change their financial lives, educate themselves and make money all together and to make the world a better place.

In Order to be totally transparent to community ND Team aims to distribute earned capital in:

1 VIP Subscription = $75/m : ̶2̶4̶9̶
Community Distribution
  • Marketing
  • Giveaways & Events
  • Softwares
  • Philanthropy
  • Analysts
  • Researchers
  • Tech Team
  • Advisors
  • Reporters
for Traders
Auto Trading

Enable Auto Trading feature and let us take care of the all hard work for you.

Passive Income

You get to make money without doing anything, or you can choose to follow trades manually.

Alerts, News & Chat

Get the latest news & alerts that effects the markets and maximize your trading skills with others like you.

for Investors
Financial Reports

Get the weekly financial reports about the stock market, crypto market, forex & commodities.

Crypto Gems

Get the chance to find out about the all amazing projects with the potential return of 10x-100x+

Premium VIP

You get to see and hear the latest trading strategies and insights from Dino himself, exit and enter in the markets with the confidence.

Do not miss out on the amazing -75% OFF sale that comes once in a life time!
Our Team
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Dino N.
Founder, Trader
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Oliver C.
CMO, Researcher, Marketing
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Benjamin M.
Blockchain Analyst, Researcher
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Amelia T.
Lead Team Reporter
Our Advisors
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Joseph H.
Years of Experience
Charles B.
Head Advisor
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ND Signals & trades
Frequently Questions

1. You just need to check our ND Subscription Bot on telegram [CLICK ME] and follow the steps.

2. We accept fiat currencies through STRIPE and cryptocurrencies through CoinPayments (USDT & BUSD).

3. First check if full amount is sent to coinpayments as bot won’t be able to confirm it until full amount is sent. It can take few minutes up to an hour.

4. Once you subscribe you’ll be able to read all the instructions pinned in the channel “ND Automated Signals” how to connect your API with the trading bot.

5. ND VIP Subscription unlocks six channels in total: ND Automated Signals, ND Reports, ND VIP Chat, ND Alerts & News, ND Crypto Gems [10x-100x+] & Dino’s VIP Channel.

6. Auto Trading when connected, any changes on the trade made from us will change it immediately for you, but you can easily follow all the trades manually as all the targets are shared clearly, including the updated trades and their targets.

7. ND VIP Packages are exclusive packages that comes with the mentorship programs, 1 on 1 courses and many other premium perks. To learn more about them and their pricing check ND Packages Bot [CLICK ME]

8. ND 1 on 1 Courses are digital courses that are taken on telegram with our Founder himself (Dino), can take between 1-4 weeks to finish one program. To check all the programs (courses 1 on 1) and to start your own journey with Dino himself check our ND Courses Bot [CLICK ME]

If you have additional questions regarding the ND VIP Subscription, ND VIP Packages, Partnership offers, etc…
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